read xiaxue’s blog about people not bring cash around and having to old people money etc.

heres the link

i used to be like that. hating people who don’t bring cash around, but i realized i’ve slowly become that kind of person as well when i volunteered to pay for last night’s supper and terence was like “whoa, i thought you don’t bring your wallet around one”

can’t believe i’ve turned into the people i used to dislike soo much. i remember back in jc, xianwei and i used to bring so much cash around because we both hate to owe money. and i always believe that cash-rich better than having credit cards.. and when i actually do bring my wallet around i have quite a lot of cash in there. and basically i think i just leave my cash everywhere. before we went to bahamas, i just went around my room and looked for the envelope in my cupboard and another in my luggage and i was 500 bucks richer.

i guess it became a bad habit when in freshman year, everything you need was in your student id card. you used it as an atm card, for food, to open your room etc..

BUT IM GONNA CHANGE and start bringing my wallet around more often ((:

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