“my dinner tonight will be a trial run for your breakfast tomorrow”

omg how can a guy get sweeter than that ❤

lost my phone yesterday on our girls day out )):
bahhh )): ruthika, denise and i were too engrossed playing logoquiz on my ipod touch that i forgot all about my phone! only realized when i wanted to text after. fml..

and we were supposed to go for our spa appointment, and we freaking couldn’t find it! ((: lol! its such a joke. i swear im gonna bring a gps out the next time. even if we’re taking public transport. tsk.

so we decided to go for a nice lunch instead. and we found this place called saga. its pretty damn good (and entertaining) the chef squirts sake from a bottle into your mouth! how cool is that! its called hibachi here but its called teppanyaki in singapore. but i havent had such entertaining chefs before, so it’s really quite cool

didnt get a nice photo of the 3 of us

this is denise waiting for the chef to throw the egg at her

i think this was after i caught the egg

theres a really ugly photo of me squirming after drinking the sake the chef squirted from a bottle. not gonna post it here. but omg, this is such a cool place. should really try this place if you’re in pitt

 luckiest girl on earth. feels as if my past was so that i know how great he is so that i’ll treasure him more ((:

best fucking thing that ever happened to me! (yea i know i sound like a crazy girl. just stop reading cause i think this crazy shit will last for some time. hopefully forever)

the first time a guy cooked for me ((:
plus flowers to go with it. am dreaming or something?! cause don’t wake me up, i’m enjoying every single moment of this.

hopefully he has something good planned out for summer! <33

listening to friends complaining about boyfriends. i don’t think i used to complain about j, just cause i loved him too much, but now i seriously have no need to complain at all. he’s so freaking awesome ((: beats all the guys i’ve ever dated.

can’t wait for summer so that we can get away from CMU and hopefully travel to a few places together! ❤