think something good is happening ((:

on the other hand, soo tired from booth and all. stayed there from 8am-12am (thats 16h but my math could have failed me) yesterday and 1pm-11pm today. but i guess i appreciate small things people do more when im stressed out like that.

really hope booth goes well. and i hope we get 1st/2nd ((: this is the last stretch! WE CAN DO IT!

for those who dont know what booth is

this is what a booth looks like (omg i cant believe im using our competitor’s booth from last year as an example, but i cant find a good example on google images) basically you build a one/two storey wooden structure and people go in and look at the paintings and structures

our theme this year is mario. and i really really really hope that we’ll place better than 3rd this time round ((:


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