btw we didn’t win booth. )): but nothing to be sad about. after all these, i think even if i knew that we didn’t win, i would still have done booth, and worked so hard for it.

i am so impressed by so many people. like ruthika for being so nice! <33 she put in so many more hours just so i could go study for me midterms/finish my projects. and all the freshies for coming down so early (its not early for me, but i guess for their lifestyle it was freaking early), like seriously, how many people can say that they’ll go home from a party at 4am and meet in the morning at 10 to be a banglah and work in sub10 degrees and rain and not eat anything till 830pm. and him for being so nice to me. TEHE! ((:
photos another time, but,
fucking love you guys if you read this.
this is the reason why we do booth. stronger friendships. how else would we have known the freshies so well if not for booth. argh. shall ask ruthika to round up everyone for a treat. a cheap one like razzy so that my wallet doesn’t hurt too much. ((:
we might not have won but this is probably the coolest/best thing i’ve done in CMU ((:

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