lost my phone yesterday on our girls day out )):
bahhh )): ruthika, denise and i were too engrossed playing logoquiz on my ipod touch that i forgot all about my phone! only realized when i wanted to text after. fml..

and we were supposed to go for our spa appointment, and we freaking couldn’t find it! ((: lol! its such a joke. i swear im gonna bring a gps out the next time. even if we’re taking public transport. tsk.

so we decided to go for a nice lunch instead. and we found this place called saga. its pretty damn good (and entertaining) the chef squirts sake from a bottle into your mouth! how cool is that! its called hibachi here but its called teppanyaki in singapore. but i havent had such entertaining chefs before, so it’s really quite cool

didnt get a nice photo of the 3 of us

this is denise waiting for the chef to throw the egg at her

i think this was after i caught the egg

theres a really ugly photo of me squirming after drinking the sake the chef squirted from a bottle. not gonna post it here. but omg, this is such a cool place. should really try this place if you’re in pitt


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