anyway i ate so much food in nyc. should really do a post on it.

momofuku with shui, nobu, mortons and a hell lot of other japanese restaurants wtih parents. just that i didnt bother to take photos anymore. )):
life is good ((:
internship in new hampshire now! ((:
loving my new place. just missing someone so badly )):

come visit me soon please? and anyone near new hampshire come visit me! so bored already. im finishing my 2nd book in 2 days. and am going down to the yarn shop tmr 1/2hour drive but i have nothing better to do. so if you guys want scarves, sweaters, gloves just ask me. but payfor my yarn. but i dont mind knitting/crocheting because i have too much time ((:

he told me his friends are thinking of going bora bora end august and i’ve done nothing but google bora bora since then. I LOVE BORA BORA. its like the prettiest place on earth.

ok fine i admit i saw bora bora for the first time on keeping up with kardashians. but it looks so freaking nice! told him i’ll marry him if he brings me to bora bora. ((: yay!

vacation plans
*boston trips during internship
1) get my boss to let me leave 1 week early so that we can go orlando and finish up my last disneyland ((:
2) labor day weekend in september we’re gonna go nyc to watch US open!
3) winter break in europe with chua chengrui since i promised him ages ago
4) spring break in cancun?! or somewhere beach-y and fun ((:
5) summer break in SEA.. unless i get a job and he gets an internship *cross fingers! ((: don’t really want him to go back to work in msia for msia’s government (hope you aren’t reading this)

my life is so awesome ((: