cant wait for finals to be fucking over so that i can do more meaningful stuff!

rough nyc itinerary
1) bring my parents to MOMOFUKU SSAM BAR and maybe drop my dad off at the hotel to go shopping with mummy ((: especially since i havent bought her mother’s day gift. and i need some retail therapy as well

pork bun is a must try

the duck ssam is so good im hungry thinking about it! )):

2) meet SHUI and bring her to eat nobu ((:

rock shrimp tempura next door nobu new york
rock shrimp with ponzu

bigeye and bluefin toro tartar with caviar

idk why am i posting photos of the food its making me soooooo hungry )):

3) Lady M
4) Momofuku milk bar

urgh i hope my parents are up for a food centered holiday

and im so gonna shop until my dad complains about the credit card bill! gonna drive from nyc to newhampshire (wish me luck, hope i dont get lost/get into an accident) so i dont have to worry about my luggage etc. am gonna pack my luggage full + mum is gonna bring me singaporean FOOD (instant paste etc but thats good enough for me)

back to studying. thats good enough motivation anyways ((:


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