i blog so much more when im depressed/sad i think.

just skyped with shui in the longest time ever. that biatch! tsk tsk tsk.go korea nothing to do then skype me. hmpf! gonna kill her when i get back to sg. and, checked fb in the longest time ever. and CHARM’S PHOTOS ARE KILLING ME. omg can her mykonos trip get any better? that girl is living THE life.. jealous )): hopefully someone will get the hint and bring me there soon ((:

met up with shui in nyc! nyc was the bomb. my dad went mad and let me book any place i wanted to eat at. which was kinda the boring usual stuff. like nobu and mortons (his decision since we were eating japanese almost everyday.. but.. you dont get good japanese food in pitt thats why)

Momofuku with shui. bet her photos look better.. be these shall do. had the usual pork bun (just go check online, or my posts way back, its super good but i shan’t post it again)
best broccoli salad ever?!
duck saam. haha i sure i posted this before, but omg, so awesome ((:

love this girl so much! haha. we bought cookies, crack pie, cereal milk soft serve etc, i carried the bag, and carried it home with me, so she didnt even get to try it! )):

can’t wait to get back to singapore to meet with EVERYONE )): miss sg so badly! but i think im so dependent on having a car now that i dont think i can survive in sg without )): spoilt. i know. trying very hard to curb spending. but dad agreed to let me charge retina to his credit card, and manage to persuade mum that euros so low she should buy me the chanel when she goes to europe in aug! ((: happy


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