on to the post on my boy. tehe. best bf ever. (i know i hated people like these. but, couldnt help it :p go on and bitch to your friend how i sound like a silly little girl head over heels in love)

flowers within the first few days of getting over. so that “your housemates know that you’re taken”. what a possessive boy! ((:

i know im a loser who doesnt know how to use capture screen, but whatever ((: and he was like “why did you choose the photo that i have my shirt on”. so ego wanna show off his muscles to the world..

one of the many cards. but loved this one the most. so cute! esp compared to his handmade ones.. lol. guys just arent adept at handicraft i guess.

JEALOUS?! time to get the secret by rhonda bryne (its a book) and start willing such an awesome bf to come to you ((: and, realized its so easy to download books to read on ipad. which reminds me, i gotta start googling for pirated version of fifty shades of grey. apparently its good. go read (warning – hardcore sex scenes apparently..)

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