ugh, taxes in america so fucking high. now i dont know if i wanna get a job here or go back to singapore. i was so happy thinking i will be earning a lot, and i didnt know my internship tax bracket was 15% my real pay tax bracket will be 25%. helloo.. so if i work 8hours a day, 2 hours will be given to the govt, which is so fucked up anyways. grrr.. so now im pretty sure i’ll go back to sg after 4-5 years. no way im paying a quarter of whatever i earn to taxes. (now i know why singapore is so “attractive” to companies and rich people). even poor girls like me wanna go back to pay less taxes.


i ask for a dinner date, and i get one ((: the next day! yay for awesome boyfriends.

finally managed to wear my new dress ((: not a nice photo, but didnt get many photos because he didnt want me to take photos in his room )):

he made me crop out the background because he thinks his room is really ugly (which is true. i think my room is so much better, heh)

so we did our research to see what we wanna have. and then i was telling him how a research says, you know if a date is going well by when you’re ready to order. if you’re not ready to order when the waiter comes by, that means a date is going well (tbh i think this was from drop dead diva, but i said it was from a research to increase the credibility ((: ) haha so he blamed me for checking the menu beforehand, because we’ve decided everything including the dessert

this was the only photo i have of our food, because he says whenever i take out my camera/phone he thinks of the reddit image where asians always take photo of food )): i got duck leg confit which was freaking awesome, and he got lamb steak.. and we got some fries (because we’re unhealthy people) and chocolate truffle cake which was really good as well ((:

so i made this a dinner date to wear my dress, and made him promise to bring me somewhere else for mua job offer. time to earn more $$ to buy more stuff. tehe

word of advice, dont try to control me. you’ll fail very badly, and im just gonna walk out of your life.

The good thing about a relationship. when its good, you feel like the happiest person on earth.
The bad thing about a relationship, when it gets rough, you can’t do anything else but cry.

i love my weekly skype sessions with my parents. ((: i swear they say the most ridiculous things ever. (maybe all old people do because i know charm’s parents say the funniest things too)

so they were talking about life in general and stuff. and then my dad went, oh yea, i wanted to tell you about the most expensive shopping trip ever. and i was thinking, omg, he couldn’t have seen my credit card bill for this month yet. but then he went on saying how my mum and him decided that there weren’t any movies worth watching this weekend, so they decided to do something different. so they just went to some real estate launch thingy for fun. and so he fell in love with some apartment, and decided to buy it >< hello?! you don’t just buy a house because you fell in love with it. impulse shopping ttm. guess i know why i always impulse shop now..

and my mum was talking about how shes going germany soon, and she started saying how last time her friends always get her to buy long champ bags, but now they’re really cheap in singapore as well. so i was telling her maybe she could get me one, because my new school bag is really heavy, and when i put my laptop in, my back hurts. so i think my dad heard the word BAG and he went “what?! what bag! don’t go and buy those bags again lah. I thought you said you’re going to buy stocks instead of bags already?” so my mum told him it was a cheap one, so he kinda calmed down a little, then he suddenly went, “oh yea, i bought a prada wallet in london” OMG, why can’t my dad be a little more like charm’s dad )): with like proper taste. like which old man carry prada. so i kinda scolded him and told him to stay with the brands i buy for him. like, don’t you think mont blanc suits old men more?!?! grrrr, i was trying so hard to turn my dad into a mont blanc guy i bought him wallets and belts from there the last few fathers’ day/birthdays. but grr, he had to turn to prada.. it was probably on sale, which someone who complains that ralph lauren is expensive would buy it..

ok enough complaining about parents. i swear my next post will be a nice post about what i cooked this weekend ((: