i ask for a dinner date, and i get one ((: the next day! yay for awesome boyfriends.

finally managed to wear my new dress ((: not a nice photo, but didnt get many photos because he didnt want me to take photos in his room )):

he made me crop out the background because he thinks his room is really ugly (which is true. i think my room is so much better, heh)

so we did our research to see what we wanna have. and then i was telling him how a research says, you know if a date is going well by when you’re ready to order. if you’re not ready to order when the waiter comes by, that means a date is going well (tbh i think this was from drop dead diva, but i said it was from a research to increase the credibility ((: ) haha so he blamed me for checking the menu beforehand, because we’ve decided everything including the dessert

this was the only photo i have of our food, because he says whenever i take out my camera/phone he thinks of the reddit image where asians always take photo of food )): i got duck leg confit which was freaking awesome, and he got lamb steak.. and we got some fries (because we’re unhealthy people) and chocolate truffle cake which was really good as well ((:

so i made this a dinner date to wear my dress, and made him promise to bring me somewhere else for mua job offer. time to earn more $$ to buy more stuff. tehe


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