so it’s the weekend again. even though there are midterms + case studies + hw + onsite interview (i really really want that job please let me get it!), my to-do to-make/eat list

just because it’s a must have every week. been my tradition since i had my first prima taste laksa. koped the picture from rasamalaysia, which is the food blog that tk goes to to get his malaysian recipes (he thinks singaporean recipes are different, but i dont care as long as he cooks something nice)

nutella cheesecake
which i posted before, and shan’t post about it again. but tehe, this will be my 2nd bottle of nutella in 2 weeks.
roti jala and masala chicken curry
tk wants to eat this so hewe shall make it. tbh, i dont even know what this is until he showed me. but we’ve been making things that I want to eat. so we shall make things he wants to eat for a change

hot pot
i swear i was salivating when i saw this
obviously mine isn’t going to look half as good, but.. i just want to try OK. dont judge
so, hopefully the next post will be about the food i made (that is if no one pisses me off and i dont have to rant over here ((: ) hope your weekend will be half as great as mine. šŸ˜›

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