was so happily planning what to eat in NYC and then i was like, so what time is our flight? and he went, huh? i thought you’re flying separately. DUDE… i thought we were flying in on friday so i didnt have to fly straight from NC right. zzz. but i just booked my flight so its confirmed. 
my itinerary. oops did i say itinerary? i meant food plan

excited ((: and my parents must be so proud of me. budget much! budget yet good, thats the important part. shake shack is the new one. i think we’ll be so full i dont think we’ll be fully able to appreciate nobu or anything good. ideas anyone? anything better than shake shack around 50-100?
**update decided to go for http://www.shabutatsu.com/ instead. im pretty sure its not gonna be the shabu shabu i got in tokyo, but ugh, i havent been back in japan for 5 years now (apart from layovers. ugh, need my real japanese food soon) so excited about shabu shabu and they have japanese korean bbq (japanese korean bbq is soooo much better, they have better quality stuff. tehe) but it requires minimum orders of 2. and i only have him. unless we’re gonna eat 4 portions )): and i realized theres gyu kaku in nyc too. ugh, i need to go home. if i get BOA im def gonna take it. good food in a city pwns anything else!


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