the on site interview (charlotte, NC) was so fun. i made so many friends ((: kinda because there wasn’t really competition among us (i kinda gave up knowing that the others were so much more qualified than me)
it was a really nice huge hotel room at hyatt. trying to look cool for the photo and switch the channel to bloomberg. but obviously the ipad gave it away since i was playing some lame game.
it even has a kitchen. like electric stove, sink and a fridge. so impressed. i felt like i could live in a hotel forever!

first thing i did at the hotel was to search for GOOD JAPANESE RESTAURANTS, and enso was right opposite my hotel, so i went over almost immediately. its a really high end japanese restaurant, but it was so cheap. 14 bucks for a roll, 2 nigiris and miso soup. hello, you get that at the same price in little asia over here )): so i was pretty impressed with charlotte after the meal ((:
camwhoring at 630am because i woke up at 530 to prepare for the interviews at 7.

the interviews were really fun though. i think i learnt a lot from the interviewers, which is probably bad because they aren’t supposed to teach me stuff, i was supposed to know them. but.. oh wells.. its over. but the case study was pretty bad. hate bullshitters who try to act like they’re leaders and that the know everything but actually they know no shit.. )):
so we left for the airport, and a group of girls decided to go for dinner and reward ourselves (and to spend the company’s money, ok maybe that was our main objective) so our goal was to spend 38 bucks and give 7bucks of tips so we max our budget ((: we ordered all the appetizers they had (which was 5) and an entree each. we probably finished only half the food. but we still went to get pinkberry anyways, just because it was free ((:
i didn’t even edit these photos. Idk why the lighting made it look so nice ((:

but it was really fun. and i made a lot of friends. and we kinda went mad at the restaurant after a while. because like the shrimp cocktail only had 5 shrimp (and we had 6 people), so this chinese asked the waiter for an extra shrimp.. LOL wth?! but the waiter added an extra order instead. which is fine by us just because we aren’t paying. 
anyway, its 12am, and we’ve got to wake up at 4am to rush for the flight to nyc. so.. ((:


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