didn’t know how i did so well in one exam and so badly in another. boohoo. another midterm in 2 hours. then after that, i’ll be free for quite some time ((: nyc photos will be up soon!

** update. ugh, almost cried after getting my econometrics paper. i hated myself soooo much )):

OMG, below average. REALLY?! damn. but this semester has been such a great surprise. like all the courses that i thought will be difficult i got wayyyy above average, like i seriously thought i screwed up the midterm i had just now, and i got like so much above average i checked the results 3 times before i believed that i actually did well. ((:

also, just got back my paper for benefit cost analysis, wanted to take a photo of the grade curve, but thought it was too embarrassing to do so. basically, the professor wrote on the board

39-53 A

which means that the top score was only 53. and it was over 100. well done guys ((: we managed to force him to curve the exam so much. lol. i almost died when i saw 48 on my paper. seriously thought about dropping this class and killing myself.

we’re always studying studying studying and catching up with work and such with no time for ourselves. hate cmu so much. people should seriously consider going to london and chill and have fun while studying. unless you really want learn something with your money, dont come the cmu.. seriously )):


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