totto ramen

ughh miss the good food in nyc already.. although i didnt get to have everything i wanted, because i get lazy and.. ((: but here are some of the places i went
totto ramen!! kept calling it totto chan for some reason. it was some girl in a book we read in primary school?! don’t even remember what the book was about ):
it was always one of the top 3 ramen places (with ippudo and momofuku) the seared pork was freaking awesome but the others were meh… the noodles and soup was good but not great. ordered extra pork to go with our ramen because it was too good. and its really cheap too! the noodles were less than 15 im sure, and the extra pork was 6? maybe try ippudo next time, thought it was better. didnt get to try momofuku this time even though i really wanted to go there. plans change when you’re with friends.. arlene and jack wanted gyu kaku instead (either we didn’t order the right things or gyu kaku singapore was much much better)
i was too busy eating and didnt realize that the photo i took of mine was out of focus ((: oops!

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