you know what i really hate.. coming back from nyc only to find nicer restaurants that i should have gone to. and not like i’ve even finished posting the list of restaurants i went to.. fml
tbh, i guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover. i always thought ladyironchef was some loser blog just because …
you get my point. (slaps bitchy me) and i kinda think that people who think morton’s is good is erm.. because morton’s is just expensive, but good? don’t think so.. but thats coming from someone who doesnt really like steak. i wouldn’t order steak but if you give me the japanese kind of really think slices of beef, omg i love them. but back to my point, omg his blog is pretty good. quite hooked on it and i have a list of restaurants in singapore that i wanna go to now. 
his post on Loola’s by Awfully Chocolate
omg. fml. i want that now!! why am i living in pittsburgh. tell me!

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