was trying to find photos of shabu shabu in tokyo from my albums long long ago, and found this instead. (btw thats my cousin, not some ex-bf or anything)
think this was at an extended family dinner at my humble house @ esplanade 5 years ago. my family is weird like this, we meet up every saturday at my grandma’s and we go for random dinners for no good reason.
but my point is, can you see how BLACKENED i was?! omg, i should list some of the jokes people made about me, but the best one was 
avi: i think girls have to be a little tanned to be hot
me: oh, is that a compliment?
avi: no. you’re overdoing it.
me: )):
and a woman selling food @ juntion8 told frankie and i that the food she was selling was halal. apparently we looked like malays because we were both very tanned. )):
oh well. life is tough. back to SQL

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