honestly, i dont get why ipads sell so well.. the only thing i do on ipad is to play retarded games, which is a waste of my time. i thought i could use my ipad to watch the stock market, but oh whoa, i could control and watch everything better with my laptop which i bring around everywhere anyway.
the only benefit i can think of is that an ipad facilitates a bitch session. so easy to take out  your ipad, go onto facebook and zoom zoom zoom into others’ photos ((: tehe, if you’re thinking what a bitch, hey, i haven’t done that very often ok. no one to bitch with in pittsburgh. and im swamped by work most of the time anyways.. )):
and i guess people started to realize that ipads are a waste of money, which is why (ok fine, the stocks dropped because of a change in management, but who cares, it’s been fallllllinggggg)
(their stock price now, dropping off the cliff!!!) 
it is down a hell lot. but i dont care cause i don’t hold apple stocks. but, people, im pretty sure your retirement or any sort of fund etc is going down a hell lot just because of this one stock. go check! ((:

continuing my apple rant.

iphones are soooo overrated. love my S3 so much, the screen is huge and its so light. ok the iphone 5 is bigger than iphone 4, but at least i got to laugh at the iphone dudes for about 4 months before they got their new, SLIGHTLY larger screens.
samsung 1 : apple 0

i haven’t used a galaxy, and i don’t like my ipad, so… point goes to no one. (side note. my ipad was free. i’m glad i wasn’t stupid enough to spend $500 to buy a freaking useless time wasting gadget)
samsung 1: apple 0

omg, didn’t realize that the ultrabook is thinner than macbook air. but anyways, imo macbook wins any other laptops. ok fine, it was a bad decision to buy the retina (the old 15 inch) because my back hurts from carrying around, but same problem as my previous samsung. but i still think macs are better. esp if you’re a developer of some sort on ruby on rails. i know im not a dev or anything, but if its gonna save me 15mins every time i run a test on my code and get me an A for my course, hell yea im gonna buy a macbook so
samsung 1 : apple 1

ITS A DRAW, but.. thing is, samsung has so much other electronics that they sell + vertical integration (tehe using my geography i learnt in sec 3? i think?) sell your freaking apple stocks. although the price looks so enticing now..


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