heh. spent the past 2.5 hours reading about arissa cheo. its so difficult not to admire someone pretty and rich or basically anyone “better off”.
sooo pretty. sigh, have to take note of the pretty girls that charm & shui mentioned. im pretty sure they mentioned her before, and i just do my usual mmmmm, since my standard of pretty is apparently very low, so i couldn’t really join their discussion of pretty girls. )): ugh, and the best thing (i don’t know how you prioritize pretty, rich and having a uber hot bf) but since i can’t help the first two (rich as in born into a rich family), super jealous since her bf is vanness wu, who really got hotter & better looking. tehe, still remember him with rebonded long hair really really long ago, but,
enough said. going to sleep & dream about me having my perfect life too ((: 

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