BAHAMAS (spring break)

actually i don’t think i’ll recommend anyone to go to bahamas, unless you know that your friends aren’t gonna ask you to go on budget, because their local food really isn’t good at all! so you have to eat in restaurants/in the hotel. but anyways, it was a great trip. much better than staying in pitt ((:
in the taxi. and the taxi driver gave us half price tickets to atlantis water park! whoa. you definitely have to go to atlantis. think that was the highlight of the trip for me. don’t have any photos of the water park.. too busy playing to take photos. but basically they have like things like lazy river, 10+ slides. and there was even a slide that goes through a underwater tunnel where you can see sharks swimming around. mega cool. got this photo on the atlantis beach. and kevin/terence was so awsome they got a guy doing tricks on his jetski in the background.. i actually think he was on his way back to the beach to tell me to get off his jet ski. oops
the singapore contingent. muahahah. it was kinda coincidental that all of us decided to go to bahamas. think this is on the way to some island for snorkelling etc
the clubbing scene was more like some greek party, because its all white guys and a lot of them were from CMU. guys from the football team. had this awkward incident where after a failed attempt to grind me, this guy was like, “whoa, you’re from CMU? i think i had a class with you.” and the awkwardness didn’t end there.. we found out that we were staying at the same hotel.. ooops.
bought this owl for only 30bucks! they were trying to sell it at like 80 or something. but the drunk store owner insisted that we take a photo >< err…
and his friend came over too ><
but it was still really fun ((: and we tried a lot of new things. like buying a cigar but no one smoked so no one knew how to light it up/smoke it properly. and the guys were all playing drinking games and i just act like i was sleeping/dead

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