its 90% confirmed! im gonna go back to sg for winter break! 
(no surprises because i went back every winter break). some of my friends says thats because you’re rich.. hello no? its more like protective mum much. i feel so guilty when i heard her disappointment when i first said that i was going to europe for winter break. then i compromised and said i’ll be back in sg for a week after europe. and then i just cancelled europe trip and am gonna go back to sg.
BUTTT theres bali with charm and shui && hk with family. trying to make my dad have a meeting in hk so we can have a hotel room & meals for free ((: MNCs ftw.
miss you twoooo
realized i don’t have a photo of the three of us in bintan?! oops! but anyways, bali>>>bintan. can’t wait!
meeting up with siyi back in sg too. we haven’t met since j2?! omg. thats 3 years ago.. anyway, idk who else will be back in sg. whatsapp me if you’ll be back! ((:

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