quite awkward trying to open up my textbook and study in another class. so i shall blog about my disappointment in SIA >< how can you be one of only 6 five star airlines when your website is slow and not user friendly. hire anyone in CMU. we’ll overhaul your website for you. thank you.
anyway, the SKYTRAK ranking states asiana, cathay, hainan, malaysia, qatar and singapore airlines as 5star airlines. idk how they got their ranking. took cathay before, dont think its that great. hainan and asiana gives me the impression that they’re budget airlines. and malaysia airline..? hahaha, shan’t offend my darling bf. lol. but seriously, the only two i get is qatar and singapore airline. and i don’t know why emirates isn’t a 5star airline. its one of the best i’ve taken. and i think the inflight entertainment is even better than SIA.
so anyway, my experience with the booking. took half an hour online, because the website is so slow. impatient me refreshed the website, then realized that i already have a booking, but i haven’t even paid?!?! so i called them to confirm. obviously the calls to the nyc office was outsourced to india. the guy was kinda nice though, even though it took ages, and the automated payment system failed.. and he had to transfer the call to his supervisor who took down my card details, and then i got transferred back to that guy again, who was really really nice because i think he could sense my anger and impatience. but seriously, SIA, time to improve.. EVA air (which is 4 star) and apparently pretty good, has business class at only 2.7k, which is only 400bucks more than SIA’s economy?! really wanted to try that, but it lands in nyc at 9pm, and pittsburgh being pittsburgh doesn’t have any flight in after 10?! so, too bad for me. gonna try it the next time though ((:
SIA economy
eva air business
obviously i’ll choose eva air the next time…

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