hot spring in taiwan

i know this is from ages ago. but shui takes really long to put up her photos on fb too! so.. ((: lurveeee the trip with shui. wanna do it again sooo bad ((: eat+shop+eat+shop (she must be hating me because i didn’t really want to party)
and we went for some hot spring thingy! it took really long though, like 45mins cab?! i thought we were lost and i was kinda thinking that the driver is bringing us somewhere weird, because it was up in the mountain and foresty areas.
you have a view of the mountains?!?! but theres a river & a mini waterfall like thingy just outside. the “tub” before it was filled
that girl refused to join me because it was too cold/water was too hot
and so she continued taking photos of me
until she decided that she wanted some photos herself ((: haha i love camwhoring with shui. its always, dont look at the camera and look pwetty ((:
me==leggy. i know. thank you thank you. she should just totally be a photographer, compare this photo to the one before. she knows how to get the right angles and i don’t ><
violating her rule of don’t look in the camera
10th picture and the first she looked at the camera
pretty + booby shui ((:
they even provided desserts, drinks and magazine after!
the view i was talking about. ((:

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