so he passed me a package and wanted me to open it. and the FROM field was conveniently scratched off. was thinking, probably a surprise for me, but lets see how long you can keep up with the acting. so i shook the package and asked him if he bought shoes for himself because that was what it sounded like, and he said no.
saw him smiling at computer while waiting for me to open the package, and when i opened the package, i found these
aww ((: how to not love a boy like this. kinda mentioned that i liked them when we were shopping in new york last month. and pooof! they’re on my feet now
love my new tory burch flats! i wanted them for sooo long, but heh, wrong color… still, good job for a guy to even know what his gf wants right? ((: I LOVE YOU! 2 surprises in 2 days! ugh. you spoil me too much ((:

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