Power Flats Challenge High Heels

wall street journal just published an article on how power flats are challenging high heels in the boardroom! happy and sad at the same time. happy because i hate driving in heels (but i usually drive barefooted anyways), sad because i thought i could use my heels at work too )): can’t wait to start work, but don’t wanna cancel my subcard. DILEMMA )): i wanna have dad’s subcard when i work too. how to survive without?
set my sights on flats in the boardroom!
hinted my friend to get those for my birthday ((:
love these sooo much. but i don’t think they’re that suitable for work..
i have the pink peep toe heels, but i have a fascination with the red flats now. i remember nurul telling me that every girl goes through a red shoe phase. think im going through that phase now..
and i guess the black tory burch works too ((: hugggggs! haha love how charm said that at least he knows the trendy brands ((: mua influence btw. :p

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