bought a loaf pan off amazon! can’t wait to bake banana bread over the weekend since i have leftover bananas ((:
&& i swear i have the worst bf ever )): was asking why he didn’t want to go back to sg/msia with me, and he was like, if i go back, then not enough money to buy you bag already. (ok pretty touched at this point) but i said i rather him come back with me than buy me a bag.. and then i asked him, if i didn’t want the bag, would he come back with me? and he said NO. WTF!! LYING BASTARD! made me feel touched for nothing ><
just joking guys, i still love him. but, zzz i thought he looked so honest and wouldn’t lie to me, but.. )): oh, and he was so funny, idk what i asked him, and then he acted cute and shook his head, like really his entire head, and then he said “oh shit, hair too long already, my hair is shaking too” LOLLERS!

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