a rather eventful weekend ((: agreed to go for half-off (where snacks go for 50% off after 11pm) with the singaporeans yesterday. heh quite rare that i wasn’t sleeping/busy doing work. its only my 3rd time in 3 years?! i know im a nerd. so i really wanted the college kind of half-off where wings etc are really cheap, but they decided to go for a atas half-off (truffle oil and goat cheese on pizza kinda restaurant). grr, plans never work. but had a really good time anyways.
watched some real estate show (million dollar listing) until 2 am. heh i think im really into trying earn money/stop using my parents’ money. rented my place out on airbnb and i’ve earned 100+ so far ((: so proud of myself. annnndd haha, i think its the first time i cleaned my room so thoroughly..
went out with tk today to catch skyfall. grabbed dim sum before the movie. and i fell asleep in there. for about 5 minutes. oops! it was going sooooo slowww. i liked everything else except the length of the movie. and its not even because i wanted to pee badly or anything, it was just too long..

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