Chocolate Lava Cake in Singapore

thought i would look at ladyironchef for ideas of restaurants in singapore before i go back. and guess what i saw Best Chocolate Lava Cake in Singapore. anyone who knows me knows that i go nuts over chocolate lava cakes, but i was sooooo disappointed with his recommendations. I didn’t try most of whatever he recommended, but idk, those that i’ve tried aren’t good at all!
stole his picture. i like chocolate lava cakes that comes with ice cream, and no other sauces. I hate it when they try to add raspberry or caramel. just let me enjoy my chocolate lava cake!
he said chili’s were good but they were MEHHHHH you can make better chocolate lava cake than them. the chocolate they used was definitely CHEAP CHOCOLATE but give such a LARGE SERVING that it seems like you’re getting a good deal. but you’re actually just eating a lot of cheap chocolate. 
laurent bernard was another MEHHHH place for chocolate lava cake. overpriced definitely.
ember restaurant does have great chocolate lava cake though. and tcc.
if you’re looking for great chocolate lava cake, go to american club’s eagles nest (if you can get in..) and DOZO @ river valley. one trick that i’ve tried at dozo is to keep telling the waiter that you love their chocolate lava cake (and maybe flash them your megawatt smile and puppy eyes.. just joking). out of the 4 times i’ve been there, it worked all 4 times.. i got free extra chocolate lava cakes ((: it usually comes with their set meals, but i’ve been there SPECIALLY to have only 1 chocolate lava cake. i think its only 8 bucks? i forgot, it was a long time ago.. ((:
or make it by yourself. i thought i had a chocolate lava cake. apparently not. gonna post it soon, i always make them because they are easy to make, and you can at the very least use ACCEPTABLE chocolate to bake it. i swear it only takes 5mins! try it next time ((:

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