went to umi with tk last night ((: omg felt like i was in heaven ((:
he didn’t let me take photos of him because apparently he wore the same jacket as legume ((: so vain..

seared salmon ((: and the waiter we got was soo nice. and he’s like me. i love sauces. so he recommended we poured the leftover sauce on rice and eat it. and it was heavenly ((:

red snapper sashimi with truffle oil!! finally got him to try sashimi. am adamant that his diarrhea comes from not so fresh sashimi in msia :p yay! can order more raw dishes now. wanted to order kobe in truffle oil but the waiter recommended the read snapper in truffle sauce cause he said it was more economical. surprised that he said that, but followed his advice anyways. will definitely try the kobe next time anyways.

rock shrimp tempura in spicy cream sauce. erms. once you tried nobu’s one i think nothing else comes close to it.

soft shell crab maki. heh wasn’t that great.

squid in some butter+hondashi sauce. omg the sauce was so great! haha and the waiter gave us another bowl of rice to eat with the sauce ((: 

pandan ice cream/ice cream sandwich.

overall, i think it was great food given that we were in pittsburgh. BUT, if we were in sg/nyc or even boston, this would definitely be one of the mehhh restaurants. the sashimi was fresh and the sauces were awesome ((:
we spent about 120 overall, so.. hmm, i think legume was more value for money, but i will definitely go back to umi just because i love japanese cuisine, and theres nothing good in pittsburgh anyways.
wanna try the omakase meal next time but its 85bucks for a seven course meal. need to earn some monayyyy

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