So Lucky..

Just had the experience of a lifetime. Drove to the strip to grab breakfast! We rarely get up so early, but we rented a car for thanksgiving holiday and we didn’t even use up half a tank of fuel! So i made him wake up at 830 to go get breakfast at deluca’s which apparently has the best breakfast in pittsburgh ((:
So it snowed today, and its my first time driving in the snow… i guess you get where this is going. We got on to a bridge, where theres snow on the ground (isn’t that kinda normal?) and all the other cars were going so slowly.. I was like, err, whats the problem with them? And then the next thing i know i lost control of the car, and it started skiding down 1/4 of of the bridge >< We were sooo close to the side and I was panicking. I was stepping on the brakes as hard as i could and i even pulled up the handbrake. I swear we were soo lucky, we were close to stopping before we hit the side of the bridge. I had to reverse and straighten up before I drove across the bridge at the slowest pace ever. I was freaking out like crazy thinking that the entire front is dented. But it was only scratched a little and has a small dent in the front bumper. SOOOO lucky because i don’t know if i got insurance and i don’t know how much they would have charged me! >< ugh.
but anyways, omg the eggs benedict at deluca’s is to die for. but 30bucks for breakfast is a little too much. I rather pay 30bucks per person at legume for dinner. or 30bucks for a small plate at umi’s. BUT, you’ll definitely get a nice breakfast with friends/family at deluca’s
eggs benedict in front, and ham steak, eggs and fries in the back

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