They’re talking about me )): I can’t tell the differences in coffee/coffee beans for nuts. But at least i don’t act like I can! That’s why i was -.- when tk wanted to buy peets coffee (which he insists was the same price as starbucks coffee beans, but idk i thought peets was more expensive)

So Starbucks is selling a new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee that costs $7 a cup and Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be fun to test if people can tell that people can taste that they’re actually tasting two cups of the same old Starbucks coffee. 

some quotes from the video
“This one has a richer taste… more premium.” 
“This one has a smoother flavor, the other one is slightly bitter. This is definitely it.”
“It kinda has a beanie taste” WTF?! whats a beanie taste?
“you could taste that much stronger, you can taste it right when it goes down.”
“i’ll put 2-3 dollars more on this cup over this cup.”
apparently only one guy said that it tastes the same


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