SG bus driver problem made bloomberg headlines?!
trying very hard to reign in my anger and distate for such matters. even when im not in SG
But i have to say that the government is putting so much effort into everything though (and me too. I can’t believe i spent 15mins although it was during class to finish the survey). I can’t think of another country where the government agencies send you emails to ask for feedback on why would you want/don’t want to go back to SG. How can SG make you wanna go back more etc. Malaysia doesn’t even care about the scholars they spend money to send overseas.. lol
Anyway, for the survey, i listed a hell lot of reasons like 
bad – house prices
good – family and friends (awwww), low taxes, security
oh shit, just listing the above makes me question why am i staying in US. just because of lower house prices?!
If i go back to SG, I wanna buy a HDB and earn money by selling it off but.. even CR was doubting if i can survive in HDBs. And even if i wanted to buy a private condo, idk how am i going to pay it off myself.. Cue wonderful daddy who has been using it to tempt me to go back. And the cars are sooo expensive. I love how Bloomberg was saying a car in SG== a house in US. TBH, i really can’t decide where I wanna stay just yet. At least for now. Because I know when i have kids, i definitely wanna go back to SG. While people might think that the SG education system is too stressful, i think it gave all of us a head start compared to schools elsewhere in the world. That said, i’ll probably migrate if they don’t make the top schools though (ie. raffles or at least hc/ny). I think SG doesn’t give the average students enough credit.  Once you get into the better schools, you’re labelled as smart and you have an advantage for everything.
the survey is working. I think they secretly want us to list the pros and cons of SG, and then make us realize that SG is better. fml, OSU, why you confuse me ><

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