kim kardashian is pregnant! lots of people hate her but i think shes nice and pretty.
finished watching the whole keeping up with the kardashians series..

St Martin

we went over to french side, st martins, on the second day!
the french side is said to be more expensive but has a lot of good food. we decided that nyc will no doubt have much better food so we didn’t go try.
walked around the marigot (capital) market and bought hats because it was scorching hot! we also went to the shopping center right beside it. it was sooo small, like smaller than the smallest shopping center in singapore. 2 floors, and it was as big as a olympic sized swimming pool thats all? then climbed up to the fort to get a better view of the french side. the photos below are all from the fort!

Mayor blames Apple for increase in thefts in NYC!

read this on nytimes and its so interesting. thefts went up but if you remove apple from the equation, thefts actually went down?!

Crime Is Up and Bloomberg Blames iPhone Thieves

Major crime in New York City inched up this year, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Friday fingered the culprit: too many iPhones and iPads were being swiped.
A rise in thefts of shiny Apple products accounted for the slight increase in the city’s annual crime index, a statistic that covers a number of felonies, including murder, grand larceny and robbery, Mr. Bloomberg said on Friday morning during his weekly radio show.
As of Monday, the Police Department recorded 3,484 more major crimes in 2012 than for the same period last year. The increase in Apple product thefts: 3,890.
In a more serious vein, Mr. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly also announced that as of Friday morning, New York City had recorded 414 homicides, putting it on pace to record the lowest annual number since the city started tracking comparable homicide figures in 1963. The current low, 471 homicides, was set in 2009.
Still, city officials said the overall crime figure was skewed by the Apple figure.
“If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year,” said Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary.
On the radio, Mr. Bloomberg said that Apple products appeared to be the preference for many thieves, noting that he was not including thefts of competing devices, like the Samsung Galaxy, in his count.
And he offered some practical advice for listeners, urging them to keep their devices in an interior, hard-to-reach pocket.
“Put it in a pocket in sort of a more body-fitting, tighter clothes, that you can feel if it was — if somebody put their hand in your pocket, not just an outside coat pocket,” the mayor said.
IPhones have long proved irresistible to city thieves, particularly on the subway, where crime rates shot up in 2011 after police investigators discovered that robbers were targeting the expensive, high-tech gadgets. The Police Department has used dozens of decoy officers and unusual methods to try to stanch the thefts, which usually occurred as trains entered and left stations, allowing for a quick getaway.
“The proliferation of people carrying expensive devices around is so great,” Mr. La Vorgna said. “It’s something that’s never had to be dealt with before.”
Through Monday, the city had recorded 108,432 major crimes for the year, up from 104,948 over the same period in 2011, a rise of 3.3 percent.

St Maarten

finally decided to post some of the st maarten photos.. gonna split them up into 3 different sections -> st maarten, st martin and st barts! realized i have the least time in st maarten even though we spent the most time there. our hotel was called sonesta -> pretty good and it was in the capital (although we didn’t spend any time in the capital at all :p it was convenient though)
From Wikipedia
Sint Maarten is a constituent country of the Netherlands. It encompasses the southern half of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, while the northern half of the island constitutes the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin. Its capital is Philipsburg.
on the first day we did nothing at all. just getting used to relaxing after our finals. walked on the beach and trying to take in how nice it is in st maartens. and our package was all inclusive so we ate a lot!!
we went to the french side right away on the second day and went back to the dutch side and went SCUBA DIVING! it was our first time so we were both super scared. it was only about 100usd per person for like a 3 hours course -> video, pool training and then the real scuba diving in the sea! they had this company which put in broken submarines, planes and helicopters at the bottom of the sea because there really wasn’t much fishes there, so they tried to make it more interesting.
we went jet skiing & snorkeling on the third day. got a muscle ache from jet skiing. omg its so difficult to hold on to the person in front of you/the jetski! and rested the rest of the day because we realized we were spending wayyyy too much money.
4th day in st barts and i’ll have a separate post for this! it was sooooo awesome.
would definitely go back to st maartens again. its definitely 10 times better than bahamas. it is more beautiful and i think everything was cheaper (slightly. but maybe it was because the company in bahamas was more careful with money so everything seemed more expensive there)
this is the beach where our hotel sits at. so beautiful at night too. there are about 3 cruise ships that dock every day and they leave every night. so the sun sets and you see the cruise ships in the background its just amazing!

the white building in the background is our hotel. not the most fabulous hotel i am sure, but it was good enough. clean, spacious, comfortable & all the food/alcohol is free. 

bought hats at the french side ((:
st martin next. but im in hong kong with my parents and totally enjoying it!

St Maarten

At st maartens!

<333 this place so much. just went scuba diving!

love this place so much more than bahamas! better food. nicer people. faster wifi ((:

** met this singaporean couple over dinner today. their accent sounded familiar plus the guy asked for HOT WATER. so i was like.. they must be singaporeans or at least malaysians! then the guy came over to talk to us. a really sweet couple and they even offered to fetch us to the airport on saturday. declined though. kinda awkward and not too nice right? and the guy said that he thought we were south east asians from our accent (reasonable) and our dressing (he said we all dress sloppily) -> wtf. i was wearing a tank top and a nice crochet shorts. tk was wearing the above pink striped shirt and nice berms. he was wearing a big white shirt and black short shorts, and his wife was wearing the standard charted marathon shirt plus black short shorts. HOW WERE WE DRESSED LIKE THEM?!

and when he walked off. tk said, “oh, hes wearing fbts. like those that solomon wear all the time” YEA wtf, he was wearing FBTs and i was wearing nice ZARA crochet shorts. how do we ALL dress sloppily. grr. ok fine they’re nice. im overthinking about the dress sloppily comment ><