Bacon and Egg Cheese Cups

im such a skincare whore. I think i spent about 500bucks this cyber monday on skincare. with around half that amount going to lancome products >< ugh. and then i watched some taiwanese show that said that some honey product was good for health+skin, and made tk buy me some ((:
rewarded him with awesomest breakfast ever (obviously not)
they look so bland, but they really taste very good! guess i really should learn to use iphoto.
they’re just bacon egg and cheese cups. 

Bacon and Egg Cheese Cup

1) Grease muffin pan 
2) Crack an egg into each muffin cup 
3) Put sliced bacon on top 
4) Sprinkle cheese on top 
5) Bake at 400F for 9minutes for runny yolk, 10minutes for a normal hard boiled egg yolk


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