I feel so domesticated. We’re not even buying bread for breakfast anymore, we’re relying on my baking. muahaha, have a backdated post on nutella swirl muffins and i have chocolate pear upside down cake in the oven right now. ((: bahaha, i feel so wifey.
and its a week to finals, and idk why am i not feeling stressed at all. ugh, feel so guilty watching shows, baking and going out etc )): actually cancel going out. the only reason why we went out today was because of my retarded macbook. my trackpad died because my hair was wet after bathing and the water dripped onto my trackpad and i guess into the holes. UGHHH why you die on me right before finals. and they don’t have the part right now, so i’ll have to go back again in 2 days )): cries.

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