last day of classes event!
they had bouncy castles. we (liyenn, wc, sol and i) were supposed to go to the gym, but we saw this and decided to skip gym to have some fun. it ended up being more tiring than gym though. having massive muscle aches now..  
we had so much fun at this particular one. we probably raced like 8-10 times each. and at the end we had this bet where the slowest one had to buy the rest coffee, but obviously the guys had to give us a head start. Managed to negotiate for a 5sec head start which was quite a lot i guess. but sol still managed to beat me by like 1 milisecond because he stepped onto the mat faster than I did. I got to the slide faster than him, so i was kinda thinking i’ll be faster so i just took my time climbing up and getting to the mat )): but oh well, at least i beat wc, so he had to treat. MUAHAHAHAH
and then we made bread pudding with wheat bread (because apparently no one eats breakfast during the finals period so there were a lot of leftovers). we just added everything we felt like.. walnuts and cocoa powder. and it turned out pretty good, but slightly too sweet. no photos because tbh it didn’t look that great. but the recipe was from here  

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