St Maarten

At st maartens!

<333 this place so much. just went scuba diving!

love this place so much more than bahamas! better food. nicer people. faster wifi ((:

** met this singaporean couple over dinner today. their accent sounded familiar plus the guy asked for HOT WATER. so i was like.. they must be singaporeans or at least malaysians! then the guy came over to talk to us. a really sweet couple and they even offered to fetch us to the airport on saturday. declined though. kinda awkward and not too nice right? and the guy said that he thought we were south east asians from our accent (reasonable) and our dressing (he said we all dress sloppily) -> wtf. i was wearing a tank top and a nice crochet shorts. tk was wearing the above pink striped shirt and nice berms. he was wearing a big white shirt and black short shorts, and his wife was wearing the standard charted marathon shirt plus black short shorts. HOW WERE WE DRESSED LIKE THEM?!

and when he walked off. tk said, “oh, hes wearing fbts. like those that solomon wear all the time” YEA wtf, he was wearing FBTs and i was wearing nice ZARA crochet shorts. how do we ALL dress sloppily. grr. ok fine they’re nice. im overthinking about the dress sloppily comment ><


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