omg. hongkong is the land of QUEUES!
went to tim ho wan at 930 (opens at 10) and they told us we had to wait for 1hour 30 minutes… so we went to get breakfast and then came back at 11, and waited till 1215 to get a table >< it wasn’t even that great. the char shao bao was awesome the bun was a different kind of pastry and tasted like the po lo bun kind so it was sweet and salty. the steamed rice thingy, chee cheong fun and dessert (some gui hua pudding) were good but thats about it. )): dont think i’ll wait 3 hours for that again. 
then mum says she HAS TO buy biscuits for family and friends so we heard from a taiwanese girl (while waiting outside tim ho wan) that jenny’s bakery was good. so we found one near our place and mum and i decided to go check it out while dad went back to the hotel. we found it, saw a line, so told my mum to go check out what she wants while i joined the line. followed the line DOWN 3 F-ING FLOORS AND TO THE BACK ALLEY! there were like 100+ people in front of us >< and mum said that a box of about 40 pieces of biscuit costs $55 sgd. erm? either people here now are really rich or the biscuit is really good. decided that we’ll buy the normal chain bakery biscuit for our family and go find something better to do than to join another line for a few hours ><

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