St Barths!

I think our best time in st maartens was in st barts! they actually call it st barths with the h. Apparently madonna and other famous people have houses in st barths. We took a boat over, and this is the port with a hell lot of yacht.. The port at st barths is like the port in Singapore just that Singapore has 1000+ oil tankers/cargo ships and in st barths there are yachts.
this was in the boat. and we had to go through immigrations at st bart and they chopped on the “THIS PASSPORT IS ALLOWED IN ALL COUNTRIES EXCEPT” page.. >< obviously the french don’t understand english

went on a mini cooper tour. so we drove around the island in the mini cooper! ((:

maybe i shall get a mini cooper instead of a prius if i work in the states.

We got to see the planes land right in front of us. Apparently st bart has one of the world shortest runways, so they only allow small planes to land. And this plane missed the landing, so we saw it take off and turn around for a second try. Definitely one of the best moments (im sadistic like that. i like to watch pilots fail and try again :[ )

i was driving. 100% concentration because there were only 2 lanes and the roads were super narrow and winding. (and that retard didn’t bring his driving license, so…) and people were driving super fast and i was damn scared of crashing and dropping down the cliff )): couldn’t even enjoy the scenery while driving. unlike him.

The view at st barts. SO AMAZING. There are a hell lot other photos but i thought they were too repetitive to put too many pictures of the sea and sky over here

The tour guide took a photo of us ((:

leaving the port of st barts

❤ wanna go back again. but its too expensive.. a taxi ride costs 100bucks minimum )):

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