Days 1 & 2 of Hawaii (Maui)

SO, I begin by saying that I really have to thank kw and terence because they drove us to the airport šŸ˜› If you’re thinking wx’s such a bitch, why is she being so dramatic about thanking them, YOU’RE RIGHT. Tk and I went for supper with the Malaysians till 1+am and packed till 2+, and thought we’ll sleep for 2 hours and wake up at 4 to shower and prepare and tk (the retard) set the alarm clock wrongly and we didn’t wake till Terence woke the entire house up at 4:50am (our flight was at 630 and the airport was an hour away). Ok fine, I guess tk was tired when he was setting the alarm, and we did manage to catch our flight anyway, so I shan’t blame him. But we got ready in 10 minutes (me in 3mins and he took 7. I swear) and sped off.

It was such a long flight from pittsburgh to hawaii I think i almost died. And the flight from NYC to LAX was so bumpy I was airsick when we got to LAX. He ate wolfgang puck (the airport version) and I could only drink chicken noodle soup )):

Day 1

Got to Maui at about 630pm, and had to drive to the airport 50mins away. Was soooooo tired and it was so dark so it was even worse. That boy has to get his license from his mum soon >< Our welcome gift at Hyatt Regency Maui. Orchid for me and shell beads for him.


Anyway, when you are looking for a place to stay in Maui, our area, Kaanapali, is a really nice area. There’s a nice shopping center just next to where we’re staying, Whalers Village (we walked over once and it took 10mins but we usually drive) and theres a lot of nice food there. We ate there twice for dinner during our 3 day stay because they have a few of the “best” restaurants in Maui. Ate there for dinner the first night (Leilani’s On the Beach) because we were too lazy to drive somewhere else.

Day 2!

IMG_1418 copy

This is the view from our hotel room. This is what you get for 400+ bucks a night! We didn’t pay that, don’t worry. We got the partial ocean view and they gave up full ocean view rooms ((: Tehe lucky us ((:

Went to a great brunch place that was recommended on yelp (Gazebo Restaurant). The food was meh but this was the view from the restaurant. Pretty good huh (too lazy to cut off the tree trunk)


We then went beach hopping. Spent 120 bucks on snorkel gear because the boy thinks that we should have our own snorkel gear because they’re cleaner >< (turns out we didn’t use the snorkel gear at much our entire trip ><)


Ā IMG_1426

Honolua was one of the view points along the highway along the west coast of Maui


Pictures of the beaches/view points along the entire west coast of Maui. Didn’t get to snorkel because the hotelĀ conciergeĀ advised us against it. )): Ate at Hula GrillĀ for dinner.



It is apparently one of the best restaurants on the island but it was still disappointing. I guess we just had such high expectations of the food in hawaii especially seafood coming from Pittsburgh. We had seafood almost 3mealsx7days! That boy loves seafood.

More updates soon! ((:


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