Day 3 Maui

Woke up at 5 am because we wanted to be on the roads by 6am (kiasu asians here. Tripadvisor says leave at 6 for best view/least crowd, so we beat the pre-crowd by going even earlier). Did the road to hana, which is 7 hours of intense driving, like seriously. There are many 1 lane bridges and road so you have to watch if someone is coming your way and go to the side to let them pass/reverse to somewhere with more space..

Got to somewhere called Twin Falls. SO DECEIVING. We walked more than a mile and couldn’t find the waterfall, all we could find was this, and we’re sure this wasn’t the waterfall they were referring to because the pictures in the guide was much bigger!



and this is me feeling grumpy because I just walked a mile without finding the waterfall. Wanted to go stand under the waterfall etc >< and the pictures made it look deceivingly good


I think this was taken at some rest stop along the way. Breathtaking huh. But the boy started feeling car sick and had to take motion sickness pills (maybe its my driving, but im blaming the bumpy curvy roads!)


Got to a really beautiful spot and the boy refuses to get out of the car. HMPF ><


red sand beach ((: there isn’t red sand, its just solidified volcanic stuff that causes small pools of water you see above.


still moody and car sick )): but he got better quickly. he says its the pringles (how naive can he get) but its really the motion sickness pills. get motion sickness pills if you’re ever going to maui, I always have some in my bag because i get air sick all the time )):




happy and un-carsick anymore

IMG_1473 copy

whales whales whales!

IMG_1476 copy

can you see the spouts?! there were 5 in that group i think

IMG_1477 copy

couldn’t get a picture because i was having a hard time balancing on the boat. but it was like watching sea world stunts in the ocean! definitely worth the money to go out and see the whales. ((:

got dinner at Buzz’s Wharf Restaurant  pretty awesome food ((:

IMG_1481 copy

calamari. we kept getting calamari but the best wasn’t at this place!

IMG_1482 copy

ugh, BEST CLAM CHOWDER EVER!! better than whatever we’ve had in maine/new england/everywhere else. Can you see how creamy it is. It’s probably a lot of calories but it was awesome.

IMG_1483 copy

overcooked pasta but the prawns were fresh

IMG_1484 copy


IMG_1486 copy


how good does that look ((: that boy tested his digestive system’s limit. We kept having sashimi/almost raw stuff and he was ok most of the trip. He gets diarrhea everytime he has sashimi.

END OF DAY 3 ((:


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