Kauai Day 3 & 4

This is gonna be a really short post. Because day 3 we went on a boat to go snorkeling at the napili coast and then slacked the entire evening/night/next day until our flight back in the evening. Miss Hawaii sooo much )):

 Can’t wait to start working and earning enough money such that I can retire early and travel all around the world! Still remember how charm was saying that being too well traveled is not good because it leaves you with less places to explore. But I think there are still so many places in the world that you can go. And you can’t really learn all about the country/city in one visit too. But I travelled to less places than her so maybe she’s coming from a perspective that I don’t understand.

Our boating photos ((:IMG_1587

You see the bubbles? That’s from a mummy whale and baby whale! They were super close to us, like 20m away (I wanted to say 10, but I guess in the ocean you think it’s super close but you probably don’t estimate that well). But the thing is, the mummy whale did a mega flip right in front of us, and its so close you can see the details of the belly, like the lines along the body and the black dots. It was so close that the captain said it was a little too close for comfort for him as well. So it was worth the money ((:IMG_1584


Its so pretty! You can see the layers and layers of solidified volcanic lava.


That’s my last photo. The captain was super nice and funny. His name is captain Johnathan. So if you go to Kauai, look for him. Its just a small boat, so you can do private trips with him only. He explained everything super well and kept telling us that we have a great future ahead of us after knowing that we’re from CMU. Lol. And I told him i’m gonna work for fidelity and he started asking me which mutual funds are better, and i was like erm.. I’m in tech. And he was like, oh, then you can create a website for me!

After the trip, we went to a korean bbq restaurant near our hotel to buy takeouts to eat in our hotel room. And stayed in there till dinner. Went to apparently the best restaurant in the Kapaa area. Wasn’t too impressed, so I shan’t recommend them here. But apparently you need reservations to get a table. We booked 2 days before and could only get a 830pm table. And it wasn’t even good. WTF?

Day 4

Our flight was only at 8pm. So we only checked out around 1. Went to the poipu area (rich white people area) and shopped around. There was this ice cream place that was sooooo freaking good. Go yelp it. It’s one of the best ice cream i’ve had.

We were trying to waste time until it was time to fly. So we just yelped for masadalas which is some portuguese donuts. We found one that everyone kept saying was super good and you HAVE TO try it. Drove over bought 6, and we couldn’t even finish 2. It’s really just donuts. Like REALLY just donuts.

Then tk realized that some famous kauai landmark was nearby so we went over. IMG_1589

Its called the spouting horn. When the waves crash in, theres this small tunnel created due to erosion and you can see the waves splash up. Which is pretty cool I guess.




Then we drove around, looking at the super mega huge houses, and I swear i’ll buy a vacation home by 30 (so that I guess it’s not too disgusting to still wear bikinis). And we took a lot of photos for my iPad puzzle game to kill time on the flight back.

I want to go back to Hawaii. Actually, I just want to get away from pittsburgh..


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