Uncaring Singapore

I really should be working for finals, but i read this, and i feel so bad for the girl.

therealsingapore published an article, where a female exchange student got molested IN THE MIDDLE OF CLARK QUAY, and no one helped her. And she kinda complained about how Singaporean guys should have helped her but didn’t.

And the first comment was “You should have call the police. Did you? BTW can you be sure at that moment any Singaporean guys around. We have 40% of foreigners in sg and that include you.”

Like wtf. I really respect her for standing up for herself because I didn’t… During summer in freshman year, I was interning at OCBC, and took public transport ie MRT to and from work. And mrts are always sooo crowded during peak hours. So when i felt something poking my butt, i just assumed that it was someone’s briefcase. But the poking didn’t stop, it went under my butt and touched my private part. I instinctively moved away very suddenly and dramatically. And there was this badly dressed old chinese man with his hands behind his back, and his right palm was sticking out and facing up. I am very sure the people around me saw how disgusted I was, and saw that guy’s hand. But no one said anything. I was scared/confused/feeling assaulted and i didn’t say anything. The guy quickly left the next stop.

When I share this story with my friends, some said that I should definitely have said something and the people around me would help me and the police would have believed me because I am the girl. But clearly, the people around me knew what happened and no one did anything. And the same thing happened in the middle of clark quay and no one said anything.

I don’t know if it is Singapore or just bystander effect. BUT THIS HAS TO STOP. Dude, this guy touched/molested me and I’m feeling so bad and I can remember every single thing that happened 2 years from that day. Can you imagine the girls who had it worse?

Stop being so uncaring and leaving mean comments on the article. That she deserved it and its because of her dressing etc. I don’t know what she was wearing, but I was fucking wearing office clothes and not anything revealing. And even if i want to wear some fucking low cut top and mini skirt, it doesn’t give anyone a free pass to come and molest me. WTF are these people thinking really.

If you don’t care about what she’s saying in the article then just FUCK OFF. Don’t say mean things like she deserved it or something. **by the way, the WOMAN who said “must hv been how you dress up” is working in Ministry of Education. Err. Hello, i hope you’re not a teacher teaching your kids fucked up moral values. And if you’re thinking that you’ll help if you were there, think again. I always thought I was brave and outspoken, but i didn’t say a thing when that guy assaulted me too. But now I know I will definitely stand up for myself or anyone else.


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