Hawker Heroes


i guess if i just follow the list i’ll eat all the best of hawker food in singapore ((:


Hating Delta

Ugh, lousy day today. Flight got cancelled, *cried thinking i’ll miss my SIA flight because i called SIA and they said there weren’t any seats available to SG for the next 10 days*, got on a flight to la guardia that will theoretically reach in time for me to take a cab to JFK. La guardia flight delayed. Waited half an hour for baggage then realized baggage was still in Pittsburgh because they didn’t transfer the bag. Delta representative at baggage counter told me I still can get to JFK (within 15mins) and get on my SIA flight and they’ll ship my bag to singapore. Rushed to taxi line which was probably 150m long, went to the front, told them i have to catch an international flight at JFK in an hour 15mins, the first Chinese lady looked at me then went to grab the cab. The Americans behind her were like, go ahead, good luck. *hated PRCs for a while then went back to hating delta* Got to JFK at 7:52, missed the flight by 2 mins >< *cried thinking that i wouldn’t be able to go back to singapore at all (since i start work in 3 weeks)* SIA representative helped me get on to tomorrow’s flight. So i guess my day wasn’t as bad afterall.

Also, thank god for wonderful boyfriend who booked me an airport hotel right after i told him that i missed my SIA flight (i guess he got scared of me calling him crying) so i had a place to go eat dinner and crash right after :*

**don’t take delta

Transition time

Can someone tell me how do you transition smoothly from college to work?

I think im too dependent on my parents.. The only reason why I don’t want to graduate is because i don’t want to look at my bank account and think that i can’t live independently on that amount >< I want to still be able to ask my parents for money when my bank account falls below 10k because i feel “safe” that way. I seriously get panic attacks and keep thinking how do i earn more money because my bank account is below my imaginary safe amount. Ugh. I wanna buy so many things (like a work bag) but I don’t want to pay for it >< Grr. Life is tough.