Ham and Cheese Bread (tangzhong)

So.. I bought 20lbs of flour on Amazon, tried to save money with the subscribe and save option. It was only supposed to deliver the next week but I chose to deliver it early and assumed that it would cancel the next delivery but it didn’t. So now I have 40lbs of flour.. Thats 18kg so flour… ))’: Gonna be making a lot of bread in the next few weeks/months


Made some Ham and Cheese Bread with the basic tangzhong bread recipe. LOVE the tangzhong recipe. It makes the bread so fluffy and soft. BTW, the new flour I bought is wheat flour so the bread looks more brown than white bread.


25gm bread flour
125ml water (could be replaced by milk, or 50/50 water and milk)

1. Place flour and water in a saucepan. Mix it so that there are no more lumps. Over medium-low heat, stir the mixture continuously  until the mixture becomes gooey.

2. Turn off heat and leave the mixture to cool (just a while is fine. Most websites ask you to let it cool to room temperature, but who has time for that!)


Ham and Cheese Bread (tangzhong)
Adapted from Christine’s Recipes

350gm bread flour
55gm  sugar
2g salt
1 large egg
½cup milk
120gm tangzhong
6gm instant yeast
30gm butter (cut into thin slices)

10 slices of deli meet
a handful of cheddar/mozzarella cheese

1. Combine all ingredients except ham and cheese into the bowl of a mixer. If you’re using a stand mixer, knead with a dough hook on low speed for 10mins then on medium speed for another 2 minutes. Kneading by hand usually takes about 20mins.

2. Place dough a lightly greased bowl (or just put parchment paper on the bottom) and cover with cling wrap. Set aside for 45mins.

3. Turn the dough out on a clean, floured counter top (or just use the parchment paper so that you don’t have to clean up). Roll out the dough into a rectangle. Squeeze as much water out of the deli ham as possible, otherwise your bread might end up doughy where it meets the ham. Place the ham on surface of the dough, sprinkle cheese on top, and then roll the dough into a log.





4. Cut it into 1.5 inches (about 2 fingers) thick slices. Place them on a cookie tray. Let them rise for another 45 mins.





5. Preheat your oven to 350F. Bake them for about 30mins or until the top turns golden brown.Image

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