Labor Day Weekend

Love this labor day weekend camping trip ((: Fun and exhausting.. Got to know a lot more people beyond the work/superficial level which is nice ((:

Stayed in the entire monday, so i had the entire day to myself. Thinking and reflecting. All these missed opportunities.. I would give everything to go back in time to right the wrong. Would things have been different? I know the opportunity has passed and I can totally understand why things ended up this way. Things don’t always go the way I want it to, but thats just life ((: Suck it up and march on.

Achievement Unlocked

Got my first credit card and am starting to accumulate credit history. Finally.. ((:

And he’s leaving tomorrow )): So I would be alone after today. Spent some quality time together with bimbimbap in bed while watching trashy shows! Love trashy shows.


Rather excited for work. Can’t wait to start earning money for real and climbing up the corporate ladder. Lol. And the awesome 9-5 days and no homework weekends.

Wish me luck!


Just got to raleigh 2 days ago. Loving this place already.

Its difficult not to love my new home ((: THANKS FIDELITY ((:


The kitchen is so amazing. Should have brought all my baking stuff over )):

The restaurants here are so good too! A lot better than pittsburgh definitely. We’ve tried 2 asian markets Grand Asia and S Mart and i think i can definitely survive here. ((: Gonna try more restaurants like cracker barrel and japanese hibachi later!

Transition time

Can someone tell me how do you transition smoothly from college to work?

I think im too dependent on my parents.. The only reason why I don’t want to graduate is because i don’t want to look at my bank account and think that i can’t live independently on that amount >< I want to still be able to ask my parents for money when my bank account falls below 10k because i feel “safe” that way. I seriously get panic attacks and keep thinking how do i earn more money because my bank account is below my imaginary safe amount. Ugh. I wanna buy so many things (like a work bag) but I don’t want to pay for it >< Grr. Life is tough.