crocheting too much for my liking. i think i like knitting more, but im taking crocheting as a stuco (student led course) so i’ve been crocheting the past few months!
this is supposed to be a skirt for ruthika (as a motivation for her to be more girly :p)
if you crochet well, im pretty sure it’ll look better than this ((:

Crocheting – Tiny Elephant

when i don’t wanna study.
BAKE (usual). make bread pudding tuesday night because i really didnt want to do my hw (:
made so much i don’t think we’ve finished it yet ((: oooops!
went on a crocheting spree. tehe
elephanty for ruthika’s birthday ((: anyway, got the crocheting pattern from here
idk what you call these things. the thing you put your bowls/pots on.